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2024 Saluting Educator (Certificated): Kathy Maddox

2024 Saluting Educator (Certificated): Kathy Maddox

Kathy Maddox | Physical Education Teacher

Bayside Community Day School at Bridges Learning Center

Ms. Kathy Maddox is an inspiration to her students.  Her passion for teaching and belief in the potential of every student is both motivating and infectious.  She creates and environment where students feel not only encouraged but also empowered to pursue their dreams.  Ms. Maddox leads by example, demonstrating resilience, hard work and a genuine love for learning.  She imbodies the spirit of an educator who ignites a lifelong love for learning and motivates students to reach for the starts.  Ms. Maddox is most deserving for the Teacher of the Year Award at Bayside Learning Community.

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