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Rules & Expectations » Lunch


Only a student’s parent(s) may bring him/her lunch during the lunch period. In addition, student(s) must eat lunch in the administrative office or they may go outside and eat with their parent(s) in the parking lot. Parents, siblings, or friends may not bring lunch for another student.

Off-Campus Lunch – Grade 12 (B.P. 5112.5)
Only students in grade 12, who have earned 160 credits before the start of the school year, 190 credits before the start of the 4th Grading Period may request permission to leave campus during their lunch break. The off-campus lunch permit is subject to approval by the Principal prior to issuance. Parents/Guardians MUST come to the school office to sign the necessary paperwork. The privilege will be withdrawn if a student receives one unexcused absence or returns to school tardy at the end of lunch. This privilege will also be withdrawn for not returning after lunch and the parent/guardian will be notified.

The student must be in possession of their student ID card and the off-campus lunch permit in order to leave the campus for lunch. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE CAMPUS BY A TELEPHONE CALL.