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How to...

Find a lost article and return a found article – return to the receptionist in the front office.
  • Leave a class for any reason – Anytime classes are in session you must either be in class or in possession of a written pass or transfer form. If you need to leave a class, you must contact your teacher for a pass. It is the student’s responsibility to have written permission when out of class for any reason.
  • Report a theft – contact the front office and fill out a theft record completely. Bayside cannot be held accountable for loss of personal property.
  • See your counselor – make an appointment to see your counselor with the Guidance Assistant.
  • Report an accident or injury – report all accidents or injuries to the Health Office.
  • Make a class or program change – see your counselor, but make an appointment first with the Guidance Assistant.
  • Replace a lost ID card – see the receptionist in the front office.
  • Get a work permit or work experience credit – See the school secretary for information on work permits. Work permits are subject to approval by the administrator based on attendance, grades and discipline.
  • Permission to bring a guest on campus – please do not bring visitors to school with you. Non-students are not allowed.
  • Bus schedules – RTA bus schedules are available in the school office, see the attendance clerk. We will also help you figure out which bus and route works best for you.
  • Parking Permits – see the receptionist in the front office.
  • Change of Address – please notify the school office whenever you change your address and/or telephone number. It is important that we have current, correct information on every student. Your transcript may be delayed if the school does not have your correct address.
  • See the nurse – if you are ill, request a pass from your teacher to go to the health office. Students are not permitted in the health office without a pass.
  • Use of telephones during school hours – school phones may only be used by students in a medical emergency. The telephone on the counter is for students to use during break, lunch and before or after school is out. At no time are students to make telephone calls during class time.
  • Leaving messages for students – the only messages which the school will deliver to the students involve medical emergencies. In order for the school to accept emergency messages, the caller must be listed on the student’s emergency card. For any other reason, please take care to arrange the particulars of the day’s schedule before your student leaves for school or for school events outside of the school day.