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Bayside Community/Charter

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Rules & Expectations » Student Regulations and Responsibilities

Student Regulations and Responsibilities

  1. Students enrolled in Bayside Community Day School are not permitted on any other school campus sites, unless accompanied by their parent/guardian.
  2. Students are not to leave the school campus without permission/verification by authorized staff.
  3. Smoking is not permitted on or near the campus at anytime. Minors may not be in possession of tobacco or tobacco products.
  4. Food, drinks, candies or gum are not permitted in the classrooms at anytime, unless authorized by the principal.
  5. Gambling of any kind is not permitted.
  6. Radios, tape players, beepers, cell phones or pagers are not permitted on campus unless authorized by the principal. Any violation of this regulation will result in confiscation of the item and its being held indefinitely.
  7. Board Policy 5132, Dress and Grooming, notes that students’ hair should be clean and neatly groomed. Spray cans of hair color are not permitted at school. Shoes must be worn at all times and sandals should have heel straps for student safety. Clothing that disrupts the learning environment of the school is not permitted.
  8. Defiance and/or profanity towards any staff member are not permitted and will result in immediate referral to the administrator for appropriate action. Please note that cheating is considered an act of defiance.
  9. Forgery of parents’ notes or other forms including school rewards is not acceptable.
  10. Students who destroy or deface school property (books, walls, desks, etc.) are held accountable for paying for the restoration or replacement of the item(s) that were damaged or destroyed.
  11. Bicycles ridden to school must be parked in the designated area, and under no circumstances are to be ridden on campus. Students must secure their own bicycles for safety. As per California state law, bicycle riders must wear safety helmets. Staff is not responsible for personal property which students may bring to school.
  12. Markers, white board markers, felt tip pens, Liquid Paper pens, etc., are not permitted on campus at any time.