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Bayside Community/Charter

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Rules & Expectations » Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty Policy

  1. A student uses anyone else’s knowledge or work and says it is his/her own.
  2. A student uses a “cheat sheet” while taking an examination in class.
  3. A student turns in an assignment that someone else has written.
  4. A student puts a quotation in a term paper without its being footnoted properly or without giving proper credit or identifying the person who wrote it.
  5. “Student A” knowingly and willfully allows “Student B” to use his/her work and “Student B” presents it as his/her own work.

Once the teacher determines that cheating has occurred, the assignment will be graded with an “F” and a zero will be recorded in the grade book. Students violating the honesty policy will be referred to the administrator and suspended from class pending a conference and a recording of the incident. A subsequent or second incident of cheating in the same or another class will result in student referral to the Site Discipline Review Committee which may choose a consequence from the following options:
  1. Recommend failure of the course.
  2. Recommend behavior contract and/or community service.
  3. Recommend a zero on the assignment and one-day suspension from school.