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Issue 05 of the Titan Times is Here!

In this issue we say goodbye to another beloved student, hear tips and tricks to scoring the perfect interview, learn about the importance of sleep, and hear the thoughts of a soon-to-graduate senior concerning college.
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Issue 03 of The Titan Times is here!

November's issue of our school magazine is now available to read online. See who has graduated, learn about the Winchester Mystery House, meet our Student of the Month, read a thrilling short fiction story, and learn about how the effects of alcohol can change your life for the worse. Also make sure to re-read Issue 02 with featuring a wonderful middle school writer, Celeste. For a real Throw Back, check out Issue 01 and see where it all began!
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Issue 04 of The Titan Times is here!

This is the last issue of 2018 and in it we celebrate our graduates, our new staff members, and the new positions and lives of staff members leaving us.
In this issue we also explore the harder side of being a teenager and how it can effect us differently, as well as effect those around us.
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