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Bayside offers its students the ability to complete the same graduation requirements that all students attending schools in Moreno Valley Unified must complete, although at a more accelerated pace.  Bayside does not offer Honors level courses in each of the core disciplines nor does Bayside offer AP courses due to the accelerated credit earning schedule used at Bayside.  This acceleration is also the reason that Bayside is not an “a-g” school.   Bayside uses the Edgenuity On-line Learning System, an accredited on-line learning system to assist our students with additional credit recovery and elective courses that our limited teaching staff cannot accommodate. 

Time + Product = Credits

Bayside uses a Time + Product = Credits model as the basis for its accelerated credit earnings.  Patterned after Continuation School models for credit acceleration, Bayside’s model places the emphasis for credit earnings on a combination of attendance and passing grades.  At the end of each grading period, students earn credits for each class that they have a passing grade in.  Students earn time towards credits for each hour of seat time that they have in a classroom.  It takes 10 hours of seat time for a student to earn one credit in that subject.  All of the classes are 60 minutes in length to facilitate the tracking of seat time.  Students who are tardy to class lose ½ hour of time. For example, a student who has a passing grade in Integrated Math I and has 39 hours of seat time will earn 3.5 credits in that subject.  There is no rounding up in credit earnings.  To earn four credits, the student must have at least 40 hours of seat time.  This system places the emphasis on attendance as a key component of the education (work) process.

For the 2022-23 school year, a student without any online courses can earn a maximum of 102 credits, based upon six classes each day, as compared to the 60 that they may have earned in their comprehensive high school.

Credit Earning Guide, 2022-23

Hours Possible in Term per Class
Max Credits Possible per Class
















As an incentive to achieve perfect attendance, students who have perfect attendance in a class are awarded an additional ½ credit in that subject.                                               

Instructional Programs

Bayside uses a combination of direct instruction, project based learning, and online instruction to help our students reach their goal of graduation.  The smaller class sizes (24:1) allow teachers to interact more with the students on an individual basis providing an often-needed one-on-one assistance. 

Cross-curricular projects, such as the Mission: Mars project, provide students with the opportunity to see how their studies are interrelated.  For example, in their math Problem Solving course they may be looking at what it will take to actually land people and equipment on the planet while in their History class they may be looking at how Mars colonists compare to early American colonists.  In their Government class, they may be comparing the relationship and treaties between Earth and Mars to American Colonial and British relationships and treaties.  Cross-curricular projects such as this provide our students with the opportunity to see the relevance of their high school studies to today’s world.

Bayside offers online learning to seniors needing credits that cannot be earned in the time remaining a student through the normal classroom structure.  Edgenuity is the online learning program used to accomplish this.  Edgenuity does not replace traditional classroom instruction, but rather provide course offerings not available to students because of the limited size of the teaching staff.  Its second purpose is to provide students with the ability to finish the last couple of credits in a subject needed for graduation when classroom time or space is unavailable. In addition to the seniors, Edgenuity is available to juniors needing to complete a subject before returning to their comprehensive high school to complete their studies.